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We work hand-in-hand with corporations, government agencies, municipalities and law firms. Our clients want to do better discovery and manage their risk in the ever-expanding world of information.

Your Business Partner to Mitigate Risks in ESI

Discovery Counsel

ESI Attorneys is a law firm, and we appear for our clients on all related eDiscovery issues in courts across the country. Our role is to fit with your litigation team and leverage all of your internal resources, so that we are supplementing your expertise.

Unlike consultants, we can advise clients on whether the recommended processes will be in line with the law, and we take into account how ESI is used in court because we know the pitfalls. Our attorneys and legal professionals have extensive experience handling every aspect of the litigation process across the EDRM.


Our law firm has a specific focus on electronic discovery and other areas of risk. We partner with clients in a way that is different from a traditional law firm. As our relationship grows, we consult not only with legal, but also with individual business units including records and information governance and information technology to help identify ways to achieve risk mitigation and cost savings while allowing clients to focus their businesses.

What We Do

We are technology focused litigation strategists who look at ESI in a way that is different than litigators. We combine information and technology to find answers.

Litigation has become more specialized and clients now look to litigators with expertise in a particular area whether that is class actions, union related issues, contract matters, anti-trust, etc. The ever-evolving law and technology in the area of electronic discovery now requires that litigators either be up to speed on both their practice area and electronic discovery, or partner with knowledgeable discovery counsel.

ESI Attorneys works as an extension of our client to collaborate with trial counsel and provide that expertise.


As a business partner, our role is to advise clients on all issues involving ESI from setting up governance on O365, to negotiating retention of video captured by third party services at manufacturing facilities, and everything in between. We evaluate client processes, software, and internal FTE resources in conjunction with client goals and make and implement recommended process changes. Our new client engagements begin with a meeting of key players to understand client goals and a process for how to reach them.

Litigation Strategy

We partner with our clients’ legal departments and trial counsel to manage discovery and get the case where it needs to be with continual direction from you. Our approach to a specific matter will depend on your goals for the case, and case strategy and is worked out with in-house and outside counsel at the outset of a matter with continual revision as the
case progresses.

Every matter is different, and usually begins with an initial evaluation based on the value of the matter, complexity, potential PR issues, etc., to identify an appropriate path to start down.


Data drives decisions in business, and the same is true in the discovery of ESI. When a client has multiple matters over any period of time, there are basic metrics that can be captured that will help
the client to budget, make decisions about resolving a matter, make a case for proportionality, or make larger decisions about information governance. Collecting and analyzing metrics is a hallmark of our practice. We get our hands in the data and use multiple tools to evaluate, learn and translate the data into business recommendations. That process continues as we get more data.

Legal departments are accountable for costs, and managing costs requires analyzing metrics. Clients utilizing multiple outside counsel often have little insight into expenses across matters or ways to create more efficiency. That’s where we come in – ESI Attorneys uses data to understand where processes can be improved, and resources can be leveraged for a more effective outcome. We’ll be happy to discuss the standard metrics we capture for clients as well as some unique data points that have allowed clients to recognize substantial cost savings.


Where a client wishes to engage us to handle data, we work to scope and select technology that will provide the broadest reach functionality for data at an affordable cost when needed. We are continuously evaluating new tools in the marketplace and bring that expertise and experience to each of our clients.

Legal Research and eDiscovery Education

We provide clients with legal research using eDiscovery Assistant, a SaaS platform developed by ESI Attorneys’ Kelly Twigger, which provides access to ediscovery case law and rules on demand by jurisdiction and issue through its proprietary tagging structure. We use eDiscovery Assistant to provide instant in-put on how judges have ruled on similar issues, or in general on ediscovery issues.

ESI Attorneys will also provide access to eDiscovery Assistant for client in-house counsel at no charge during the term of your engagement with us.

An experienced, committed

and passionate team…

…led by industry expert, Kelly Twigger, we are focused on helping law firms, corporations, and government entities do better in the fields of eDiscovery and Information Law. Built on the love of technology and a need to seek the truth in data, our legal and records management professionals bring our whole selves and give it our all every day to help clients exceed when it comes to electronic discovery.

Lisa Jordan, AGC at Molson

ESI Attorneys deftly balances three tough areas–disruptions to the traditional litigation discovery model, technology, and business needs. You will find no one who understands these three areas better and the critical need for appropriate interplay between them.

– Lisa Jordan, Associate General Counsel, Molson Coors Beverage Company

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